About Us

Enda Creaven - Their Day Founder


Their Day was founded in the spring of 2014, with an aim of creating unique, memorable and timeless products. The cloud maps are made using the data from geostationary satellites, combined with data from NASA’s Blue Marble Project to produce the finished image.  Each creation is crafted to individual requirements, a unique record of a momentous occasion, making this gift timeless and one that will be treasured forever.


At Their Day we take great care and pride in every product that we make. All our products are made to order; images are of high resolution and are professional mounted.  Mounts are of conservation quality and frames are handmade, sourced in Ireland. Their Day is an Irish company, based in the West of Ireland and all products are Irish made and hand crafted in County Galway.


A beloved hobby, plenty of encouragement and delightful reactions, are some of the reasons that Their Day came into being.  The first print produced was for a Birthday present, a black and white image of the earth on the day a friend’s child was born, this first print featured an engraved plate with only the date and the child’s name.  Feedback and research have evolved this unique product.  The birth of a child print now includes the name and a description of its meaning, birth sign with its definition and weight of the child.

Regardless of the occasion being celebrated, each print is a unique and personalised record of a special moment in time.

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